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Tai Chi Qigong San Diego Summer Camp

June 18th – 22nd, 2024

Join us for a transformative 5-day camp tailored for everyone – whether you’re a seasoned Tai Chi and Qigong instructor, a skilled practitioner refining your forms and elevating your practice with neigong, or a newcomer eager to discover the wonders of energy work for a healthier lifestyle. This camp transcends specific styles or forms; the knowledge acquired can seamlessly integrate into any forms you currently practice. We’ll cover Tai Chi postures, guiding participants through a unique Qigong warm-up to activate inner energy flow. The program includes posture drills focusing on alignment adjustment, dynamic stretching, yin/yang harmony, inner energy cultivation, and internal strength development, culminating in practical self-defense applications. Jesse Tsao, the 12th generation of the Chen Tai Chi lineage, will lead you through traditional Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun routines. Despite stylistic differences, core principles and structures remain consistent, reflecting Jesse Tsao’s Ph.D. research at Shanghai University of Sport.

Tuesday – Friday 10am – 1pm lectures at: Rancho Bernardo Swim & Tennis Club, 16955 Bernardo Oaks Dr., San Diego, CA 92128
Tuesday – Friday afternoon 3pm – 6pm outdoor routines practice at a park.
Friday evening potluck/party.

To register, check pay to: Jesse Tsao, 5051 Sterling Grove Lane, San Diego, CA 92130, or bank Zelle payment to the email jessetaichi@gmail.com
Cost: special rate $480 for people who attended any previous year, and those Tai Chi Healthways registered instructors; $600 open to the public.

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