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Weekly Group Lessons (outdoors- signup for the location):

Wednesdays 11:30am-12:30pm: Qigong – Tai Chi Sword and Traditional Sun Style

This class is good for any level of Qigong and tai chi practitioners. A newcomer can discover the wonders of energy work for a healthier lifestyle through Qigong type of practice; a skilled practitioner can refine Sun style tai chi long form, which is characterized by Bagua and Xingyi flavor for swift agility and develop the quicksilver type of energy, and elevate your practice with neigong concepts. Jesse Tsao carries the teaching from Professor Li Deyin, directly lineaged with his uncle Li Tianji, who is one of the top students of Sun Lutang (the founder of Sun style). Practice with a sword in hand to feel the extension of bare-hand tai chi into the blade, a unique way of life to let go of stress and stagnation. Tai Chi Sword Form 32 is the most popular sword routine practiced in the world.

Saturdays 9:30am -10:30am: Traditional Wu Style, and Tai Chi Bang (Roller), Tai Chi Cane, Tai Chi Weighted Ball

Jesse Tsao teaches the Northern old routine passed by Wang Maozhai, Liu Wancang and Li Bingci, that keeps all the original techniques and is practiced widely in the Beijing and Shandong areas, without modification by Wu family’s later generations in Shanghai and Hong Kong areas. We use this routine to cultivate neigong, inner energy; and develop neijin, the internal strength characterized significantly by twisting energy, rooted in Wu style founder Quanyou’s shuai jiao (wrestling) skill. Class will be splitted into sub-groups after 30-minutes to review forms of Tai Chi Bang, Tai Chi Cane, and Tai Chi Weighted Ball, as well as helping new students to catch up with the routine. The last 10 minutes of this class will be Tai Chi Hiking Staff.

Saturdays 10:30am -11:30am: Traditional Yang Style and Tai Chi Fan

Jesse Tsao teaches the Yang Long Form based on Yang Chengfu, the 3rd generation of Yang family, who published the official Yang Family Tai Chi book in 1936, and Fu Zhongwen, the outstanding traditional Yang long form master, who was a teaching assistant to Yang Chengfu. New people are welcome to this class, as we set up a beginner group in this class. We start the class with Tai Chi Hiking Staff as warm up and stretching for 10 minutes. Then advanced students will follow an instructor to practice through the routine, followed by question & answer, as well as posture corrections, and use the routine as a tool for neigong and neijin practice, and self-defense concepts. You can learn how your internal energy is developed through the elastic body extension and contracting movement. We also review Tai Chi Fan and Tai Chi Cane in sub-group in this class. 

Saturdays 11:30am -12:30pm: Traditional Chen Style and Push Hands

This class splitted into two sub-groups after warming up. One group learn and practice Chen Laojia, the Old Frame for energy cultivation and develop neijin, spiral internal strength to establish the push hands and self-defense ability. Jesse Tsao carries the teaching from his shifu Chen Zhenglei, and Shibo Chen Xiaowang, and Zhu Tiancai. The other group learn and practice formatted push hands patterns from Chen Zhenglei, as well as practical sensitivity in real competition push hands.

Class fee –  Group lesson:

$120 for a fixed 10-week term, one class each week. You can start on any week. This 10-week period must be consecutive. You can make up a missed class in another class scheduled within the same 10-week term. 10-class pass at $160, apply it in any classes and anytime whenever you please; or single class at $20 each, no term commitment. (Private lesson: $200/hr; registered instructor in training at $160/hr; Private lesson in distance through Zoom/Google Meet, $180 per hour (20% off for registered instructor in training; special rate for previous clients/students). Private lesson is indoors at Jesse Tsao’s video recording studio. 

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