Testimonials on instructional DVDs/videos

 This final order completes my ‘relevant’ collection of Master Tsao’s work, it will provide me with many years of study and work, and I shall continue to practise these arts to the end of my days. Which, is why I could not allow this opportunity to slip-by without expressing my appreciation, for this wonderful resource that Master Tsao has created.  There are some things that cannot be written in books, they can only be written in blood, flesh and DNA, it has to be seen, performed by someone who has it written in them to be truly understood. Master Tsao has dedicated much of his life to his vocation, and his diligence can seen in the clear way he presents his art, it is a visual legacy, a legacy to his family, to his people, to the world, and to the world of the future.  And I for one, am very grateful! Jonathan J.

These are excellent learning DVD’s to complement and build on my current foundation. Eventually I would like to purchase most of the DVD’s Master Tsao has available. Martin L.

I want to tell you again how great your DVDs are. Particularly for those of us who want to learn traditional Wu style, which is not that common here. I’ve made great progress chiefly because of the DVDs. Not that I’m doing the form well, but I’m much farther along than I would otherwise be, and my teacher here in New York (whose teacher is Sifu Li Bing Ci–hope I spelled that right) seems impressed with the progress. Watching you do the form is so instructive. You are not just a master practitioner, you’re also a master teacher. I look forward to the day I can meet and study with you in person. Ted B.

Just wanted to let you know all the DVD’s I ordered have arrived safely here in the UK. I am very pleased with what I’ve seen so far. I am a student of Chen style Taiji with Grandmaster Gou Kongji and have been for a few years, your DVD’s can only enhance my knowledge and understanding of both Taiji and Qi Gong. Having enjoyed your DVD’s on youtube and your particular style of teaching, I thought it was about time I actually purchased some as I know I can learn a great deal from you. Thank you for making them available to all. You are a superb ambassador for Taiji worldwide…Roy E.

I received my two yang long form discs yesterday and took a look at the first few lessons today. I can tell just from what little i have seen that these discs will be invaluable in my study of this form. Im looking forward to reviewing tonight’s lesson when I go home after class. Thank-you for putting together such an excellent series of resources! And of course, thank-you Master Jesse for taking the time to answer my e-mails. Jamie H.

Your dvd’s are the only ones that make learning the forms easy instead of hard. Others only have front view and it makes it very hard to learn from. I am also very interested in the martial aspects of tai chi. So that short form may be good for me sometime. Your applications are phenomenal. Most people dont know how effective tai chi moves are. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Jason S.

I like the way you teach, you give very specific explanation and details on the small movements, it really helps a lot. Thank you very much for the wonderful work! Judy Z.

I ordered your products before, which is why I decided to order more. Your DVDs were some of the best and comprehensive instructions available on the market, so I know I can trust the material I have gotten. Thank you for your efforts. Demitra P.

Your videos are so well done that people can teach themselves quite easily. What a great contribution you make to us. Laura L.

Chi Sword. It is the last and best of four Tai Chi Sword DVDs I have. The others are interesting and now reference only. Your productions values are very high. Your form is (I hope this is the correct word) beautiful. But most important, your instruction is clear, precise and working wonderfully well for me. I am no longer within easy access to my Tai Chi family. I am trying, no, I am learning the Sword Form on my own. Your DVD is making it so much easier. Howard T.

I love your instructional DVDs. I have three of them. I’m concentrating on the 42 forms right now. In about three or 4 months I’ll try the Chen style DVD. It’s so exhilarating. I’ve dropped 10 points in my blood pressure. My doctor says that if I stay that way for the next three months he may take me off the blood pressure medication as I’m on a low dose anyways. I can’t explain what’s happened to me but it’s wonderful. Johan M.

I really enjoy learning from your DVD’s. I think your teaching and forms are the best of all the material available. Mark B.

Been going through your dvd’s and just want to congratulate you once again on your teachings. You have made the dvd’s very easy to understand that not many questions have to be asked. You have a good way of explaining all from different angles, which makes learning easy. I have been going through your yang style broad sword and I am very impressed. Here in South Africa I learned a much-simplified form and have now only realized that it was not traditional. Thank you for putting me on the right track. It is nice been able to refer back to a dvd in English with such high standards. Your teaching is taking my tai chi to a greater level of practice and understandings. Craig B.

I am enjoying the 8 verses of brocade and 5 animal frolics DVD’s you sent me. Like all of your other DVD’s they are exceptionally well made. I had learned slightly a different version of these same forms but the added insights from your DVD is helpful. Michael S.

I express all my gratitude for the work you are doing to spread in the world the healthy principle of living. I bought 4 of your DVDs a few month ago, and I can tell you they are brilliant, full of clear explanations for us as like beginners. I am living in Romania,Europe, but I am grateful that even in electronic ways I can follow the ancient teachings of Chinese traditions. Thank you again for your teachings and the initiative to spread them all over the world, Horia M.

I spent this past weekend finally viewing your two DVD’s (fundamentals of both Qigong and Tai Chi) and was astounded, truly, by your Qigong sequence… it has been awhile since I have felt in a teacher, a “master”, “no gap” between what being presented and the thing itself…Barbara P.

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