Testimonials on Instructor Certification

Here are people say:

I have ordered the Distance Learning Certificate program, I viewed the DVD several times and have learned so much more in that dvd than i have with past classes of Tai Chi in my area. I really enjoyed the fundamentals of tai chi. Thanks, and keep up the great teaching! David A.

Thank you so much for the certificate, which arrived today. I feel very privileged to be enrolled on your certification program. I am changing the way I do things with my classes, especially in relation to the warm up routine and freeing the energy channels to be much more in line with the Healthways traditions. All has been well received and people say that they are experiencing a greater awareness of Qi flow. It is gratifying to be able to pass on what I am learning from you to very diverse groups of people! Carol A.

Master Tsao, I finished reading the wonderful document you sent and learned much! The video arrived today and I am enjoying your video instructions! Associating these basic QiGong movements to breath, Qi flow and the meridians makes so much sense. Activating the meridians this way feels “right”.  There is plenty of “richness” for me to work with now – meaningful basics and fundamentals. Thank you for teaching so much more than just body movements.  This depth of understanding is what I have been seeking and now I realize I have a wonderful teacher to learn from. Much gratitude!!! Michael M.

Your “Qigong Instructor leadership Training” has given me a better understanding of the art and science of Qigong. Such useful information. Regards, Catherina T.

Thank you so very much. The YMCA, after checking out your website, finally agreed to accept your certification. (They are very hard-nosed and only wanted certification in “group exercise” from their sources.) The YMCA wants me to take the test as I’m sure that your Leadership component will help me teach Tai Chi and be more knowledgeable about it. Jane K.

You probably know this that Tai Chi Healthways is one of the recognized organizations by Silver Sneaker for certification. I did not realize this until I took their training. I am proud to associate myself with you. For your info, Qin Z. who was certified by you not too long ago and attended your workshop in Minneapolis, is now hired by YMCA to teach Tai Chi. …Violet L.

Can’t wait to be certified in other things so I can teach and maybe open up my own for health.. Just saying.. I believe in your teaching and I think you have such a great heart and compassion…..Py S.

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